Bulk Mail

  • Your marketing campaigns will now be easier to implement and more effective

  • We manage your bulk email campaigns and we take care that they reach to each of the contacts in your list.

  • We make the design for your campaign for you, we import your contact list, we sent and monitored the status of the emails.

  • At the end we give you our report and analysis of the campaign, this way we guarantee the success of your campaign.

Low cost

No physical costs. And if the costs are lower the profitability is higher.

Saving time

The delivery and receipt of the email is immediate and within a few hours going to have the first results.


You can send news, features, deals, surveys, invitations, and present them as you like, allowing you to adapt to what you need at all times.

media non intrusive

You will not bother anyone. If your recipients have given you their permission to receive your emails. You can send them anytime and your contacts will read them when they see fit, just as they will always have the option to unsubscribe.

Analysis of results

You can detect the apertures, clicks and downs of your recipients. We can also measure the location of the addresses.