Frequently Asked Questions

We can define the Next Generation Networks (NGN) as the adaptation of the Internet so they can spread all kinds of media such as Telephony, Video, Radio, Fax, Text Messaging, Audio.

Communications over the Internet represent a revolution in terms of save costs and improving communications in a globalized world every day.

The next generation networks are the technological basis where it assembles Cloud Computing.

This type of network allows take full advantage in save costs and improve the efficiency of communications and the proper implementation of data within an enterprise.

Cloud Computing services are basically services that offered us the opportunity to work with them wherever we are, with any device. It is pay for use, used via Internet, it counts with all the technological resources needed (hardware and software) without needing to be an expert to handle and access, can expand capacity as needed and can divest any time. Finally, it is sharable by all users.

  • Reduced investment costs
  • Reduction of operating costs
  • Cost reduction in specific growth
  • Improved in delivery times and deployment
  • Accelerate the launch of new services
  • Direct control of their infrastructure
  • Ensuring quality of service
  • Greater environmental efficiency.

Comes from its English name "Software As A Service". It is a new model of software distribution characterized by offering hosting data, software, applications servers to which the client can access using a web browser via Internet.

The provider supplies the service of daily maintenance, storage of information and data security, freeing the client of maintenance and associated expenses.

This translates into outsourcing hosting services by the customer, which is why it saves costs by buying apps, and access to more complete applications.

Yes, our offer is set only to have your company needs. We offer prices for products and services and solutions hours.

Yes, you just have to tell us which one and our team of experts will recommend the best choice.

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