Google Apps

Google brings Gmail for corporate and business use. Gmail is more than just an email service

Access email from anywhere

Gmail works on any computer or mobile device with data connection. Offline support allows you to keep working even if not connected.                  In the office, in a meeting or on a plane, you can always check the mail. You can access through a web browser, Google Chrome offline and                  applications for mobile devices.

Work fast, save time

Gmail is designed to make your work more productive. With 30 GB of shared storage in Google Apps and the ability to purchase additional space, you never need to remove content. With the powerful tool search, you can find all you need. In addition, labels and filters will help you get organized. You can create tags to organize your mail or creating effective filters that do it for you.

Communicate with other users

The inbox includes not only messages, but also people. Text chat, voice and video allows you to check who is online and connect immediately. View the profile pictures of your contacts,                  recent updates and shared documents with each email.

Cares for the environment

When you start to use Google Apps, you will reduce both the general expenses of your business and the environmental impact that it generates. Google Apps works with the technology of the low consumption data centers of Goolgle, so requires less energy and emits less carbon than local servers.

Safety as a priority

Gmail was designed thinking in safety and reliability with features such as two-step authentication, attachment viewing in the browser, encrypted connections of Google servers, simultaneous storage                  with data replication for your emails, integrated recovery system after failure, spam filter and sender authentication.