Professional Mail

With Corporate Email Cloud you will have all the benefits of Cloud Computing. This tool has no limitations as other mails, plus you have all the storage you need when you want, is flexible, scalable, and of course, contributes to the reduction of costs in the business.

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Reduce Costs

You can drastically reduce your IT costs and maintenance ( up to 60 % reduction compared to Microsoft Hosted Exchange Service ) without clipping in         reliability and safety. Paying for use , controlling your expenses because you can enlarge or reduce demand of your business

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Available at all times

Working from the cloud your information will be available at any time and from anywhere. Also, you're always collaborating with the environment. Whatever your need, there is no limits on Cloud Computing.

Guaranteed productivity

We give you plenty of storage in the cloud, integrating the best and most efficient tools and business management applications. We work with the best providers of Email Cloud in the market, each with extensive experience in use of latest technology.

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Security and protection

Fulfilling all requirements of data protection and saving backups to maintain business continuity. And if you already have your email conventional business you don't have to worry, you can migrate your email to the cloud without any loss of information.

Email Cloud Providers

It's your opportunity to have your business email that will allow you to develop your brand, improve your business image and use an unprecedented technology available 365 days a year, with access to your information and files at any time and from anywhere. Your cloud will follow you anywhere!