Zoho Mail

Huge savings - almost 60% reduction in costs when migrating from a service such as Microsoft Hosted Exchange. Many companies and organizations have not only become more productive, with the advantage of using Zoho-a provider of over 25 online applications, but also saved a lot in terms of maintenance costs.

Email interface

Easy to use, clutter-free and rich in economic activity oriented features. Zoho Mail has a very recognizable interface, eliminating a new learning process. You'll be productive                   Zoho Mail as soon as you log in.

Wide range of options to organize and classify posts.

Esto incluye elementos familiares como: carpetas, etiquetas, banderas y filtros automáticos, carpetas de niveles múltiples, selección masiva, vistas filtradas y vistas en pestañas.

Applications that improve productivity

The applications integrated with Zoho Mail take you beyond the boundaries of conventional emails: tools like Calendar, Instant Chat, Tasks and Notes..

Access from anywhere

The biggest advantage of hosted email in the cloud is that you can access your messages at the time. Whether through your mobile phone, laptop or desktop computer, as long as there a connection, you can do business. You will have access from the Web, desktop access and access to applications for smartphones.

Reliable and Secure

With a solid foundation in the cloud and protected data centers gives you guarantee of privacy, data protection and data backup. And with the antispam and antivirus keeps your inbox clean,                  each attachment that comes through your email is systematically explored by our anti-virus.

NGN Cloud recommends combining this product with Zoho CRM + Zoho Docs